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Nashi Argan At Stella Beauty Center


Nashi Argan is the 100% made in Italy cosmetic brand that listens to your requests and meets your needs with passion and efficiency!

The result is an exclusive collection of Haircare and Skincare products designed to offer a tailor-made experience for women that put simplicity, care and professional results first.


Nashi Argan lines are dedicated to hair, face and body care and are characterised by extreme versatility that allows everyone to find the perfect match for all their needs.

All products are characterised by the inebriating fragrance of Nashi Argan: sweet and spicy notes are so unique and beloved that they gave birth to the Fragrance line!


Nashi Argan line is available in Stella Beauty Salon | Dubai Silicon Oasis, authorised as retailers. Contact us to find your Nashi Argan product! We are always available to provide information on products.


Nashi Argan works with the utmost respect towards nature to ensure the minimum environmental impact: the zero-impact packaging is designed thanks to the use of recycled and recyclable materials and to the whole production process that only uses energy from renewable sources. All Argan Oil and Linseed Oil in our products are 100% certified organic. All treatments are free of sodium chloride, sulphates, phosphates and parabens!


Pure restructuring power in just 7 minutes!

Nashi Argan Deep Infusion is the professional mask that you will fall in love with, thanks to its ease of use and immediate results.

It is designed to be used once a week instead of the Conditioner or as intensive treatment, especially under stressful periods; Deep Infusion penetrates deeply into the hair, nourishing and restoring the ideal hair’s structure without weighing it down. Choose it and discover its texture, elasticity and ease of styling from the very first use!


Nashi Argan 7 Night Program is the cycle that prevents hair loss, to be used before critical periods with possible hair weakening and loss (change of the season, diets, stress). It is a professional easy-to-apply treatment, designed to act during sleep, in order to avoid leaving times or long-lasting procedures and to be more effective: at night, the absorption of active ingredients is not obstructed by atmospheric agents, smog or light, the metabolism slows down and the skin breaths more, favouring the absorption without residues.

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