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The Nashi Filler Therapy Treatment At Stella Beauty Salon

Nashi Filler Therapy treatment

Nashi Filler Therapy is the complete course that starts in the salon and that takes care of damaged hair, revitalizing its fibers.

Through a targeted therapy, at the end of the complete course, the hair regains a new vigor, resulting as strong and shiny as never before.

With the contribution of the precious restorative, hydrating and strengthening qualities of Collagene, Phytostaminals Cells, Elastine and Keratine, Nashi Filler therapy is the most advanced professional reconstruction service for the well being of the hair.

Step 1: Clarifying Shampoo

Before receiving the treatment, hair needs to be washed properly to purify the scalp from product and environmental buildups and prepare it for the reconstruction step.

Nashi Filler Therapy Clarifying Shampoo:

Deeply purifying shampoo, formulated with Aloe Barbadensis extract.

It prepares the hair to treceive the youth regenerating treatment by stimulating cuticles opening.

Step 2: Long Lasting Filler

Applied thoroughly on hair to reconstruct hair from deep within. The head then will be covered by a head wrap or a shower cap and set under a steamer for about 30 minutes to assure the product endurance and long lastingness to the hair pores.

Nashi Filler Therapy Long Lasting Filler:

Reconstruction filler that restores beauty and youth of damaged hair. Formulated with Collagen, Stem cells and Keratin, it acts in depth for a long lasting anti ageing action.

Step 3: Lifting Milk

The hair will be then rinsed and Lifting Milk mask is then applied to leave hair soft, smooth and disciplined.

Nashi Filler Therapy Lifting Milk:

Beauty milk with lifting effects, it restores the natural hydration of the hair, previously regenerated by Long Lasting Filler. It compacts the surface of the hair, leaving it shiny and elastic.


Nashi Filler Therapy Restorative Shampoo

Regenerating shampoo conceived to prolong the benefits of the Nashi Filler Therapy salon service , even at home. It keeps the hair full-bodied, shiny and elastic.

Nashi Filler Therapy Restorative Conditioner

Conditioning mask conceived to prolong the benefits of the Nashi Filler Therapy salon service , even at home. It nourishes the hair donating body and elasticity.

Nashi Filler Therapy Lifting Mask

Cosmetic lifting for hair that eliminates imperfections for an immediate result.

Formulated with youth molecula of Collagene, Keratine, Elastine and Phytostaminals cells, it gives body and shine to stressed and damaged hair.

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