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Stella guide about the difference between Rebonding, Extenso and Keratin

There are a number of ways to make your hair straight as for the present time these three are popular: Rebonding, Extenso and Keratin. We often herd about wella treatment which meant using wella products to make hair straight, it is now replaced by Keratin and Rebonding in many areas have been replaced by Extenso. What is Rebonding?

Rebonding means breaking the actual bonds of hair to change their structure, rebonding creams are applied first to break the bonds then, straightening is done to achieve desired structure (sleek and straight) in the end a fixer is applied to retain the sleekness. Remember new hair's structure is not affected by it, only existing hair will become straight.

Rebonding is done by using special creams, its a whole 3-4 hour long procedure. Most popular companies for creams is Loreal. It gives you drop dead straight hair, which stay like that forever unless you cut them or go through some other hair treatment. The chemicals used give your hair extra shine. No doubt the results strongly depend on your hair type and the products used. Healthy, thick and more voluminous hair look better with rebonding. Its a chemical treatment so definitely it harms hair, hair need a lot of care after that. What is Extenso?

Extenso treatment is same as rebonding but it gives 20% volume along with sleek hair. It would make your hair dead straight for a week but in the next week you will start feeling volume overall. It gives more of a natural look. It won't add shine, just make your hair texture fine and sleek. It harms your hair less than rebonding and it stays for three months.

New hair are not affected. It suits thin fine hair or less voluminous hair. Most popular Products now a days are of Loreal, they give very good results.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the structural element that makes the outer part of human skin. Keratin treatment also straightens hair and gives them volume too. It is good for hair, ads shine and texture to hair as proteins are used in it to make hair straight so it doesn't harm your hair. It suits thin fine hair or less voluminous hair.

Blow driers are used instead of Hair straighteners in it. The results stay for three months. Procedure takes almost same time as extenso and rebonding.

What is The Difference Between All?

It is a service/experience based scenario, the results can highly differ as well. Everyone uses their own preferred products which give different results.

After getting a 3-4 hours treatment you are not suppose to wash your hair for at least three days, you shouldn't let sweat come on your scalp too so the preferable time for these treatments is any season but humidity or summers.

Extenso gives results as if anyone who has naturally straight hair, there can be waves in your hair after the treatment too but it ads volume to your hair. Keratin results are more like extenso. Remember that we are talking about exact creams, often it happens that girls go to parlors for rebonding but the products used by stylists are of extenso, then they complaint about not getting expected results. So know your products first!

The first week of all treatments give you drop dead straight hair but the actual results start from the second week.

Once you get these trestments you need extra care for your hair we will be posting soon about how to take care of chemically treated hair, we hope this was informative. Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful, Stay Trendy, Stay Stella.

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