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#AskStella: Handle with care

Flaunting those gorgeous hair is a dream of every girl, and why not; this is the most prized possession that one can have. We are born with different type of hair texture, density and colour. We always envy those people who are gifted with healthy and shiny hair. Though we don’t have any control on the type of hair we are born with but, there are certain ways that can restore the health of your hair to more youthful state. Our busy lifestyles might not allow us the luxury of time to take special care of your hair but this doesn’t mean we take the back seat and be the spectator of the show.

Just make some changes in your daily routine and see those tresses gaining the health back.

Drink Water: Drink as much as water you can, always remember that our water intake should never go below 2 litres a day.

Do not Comb Wet Hair: If you have long hair, this might be the biggest challenge that you would have been facing, as long hair generally gets tangled easily while washing. Try to detangle hair by using fingers or use a wide-toothed comb and gently glide it through.

Healthy Diet: Chose your meal wisely, go for the meals that are high in minerals, iron and protein. Increase in your liquid diet will also improve the quality of hair.

Trim Hair: Keep trimming your hair in every 9-10 weeks, trimming of split ends encourage healthy hair.

Deep Conditioning for Hair: Go for deep conditioning 2 times a month, this helps in replenishing the lost moisture of the hair, provide strength and shine. As home care regime, do not forget to condition your hair after every wash.

Correct use of Heating Equipment: We love styling our hair but make sure you use it properly. Make a note of simple steps below.

  • Do not blow dry on the scalp of your hair

  • Point the hair dryer downwards

  • Use the correct temperature to iron your hair

  • Always use heat protector serums before applying any heat. Apply Thermal StyleHer for protection against future damages that can be caused due to use of styling products

Shampoo Technique: Focus more on scalp rather than end. Massage your shampoo thoroughly onto the scalp, it encourages better blood circulation and helps in detoxifying the scalp.

Conditioning Technique: Focus on ends, conditioner is not meant for roots and will end up making your scalp look more greasy and oily. Apply conditioner on the dry part of hair, leaving 2-3 inches from the roots.

Handle your hair with care and see people complementing you for your beautiful tresses.


Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful, Stay Trendy, Stay Stella.

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