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#AskStella: Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated and virgin hair?

Q: Will the treatment work for me, if my hair is all natural and wasn’t colored or chemically treated before?

A: Yes, however, the effect will be less durable.

Q: Can I bleach my hair after the treatment?

A: No, you should bleach your hair and undergo all types of hair lightening prior to Keratin treatment or you have to wait until your hair grows enough.

Q: Can I get the treatment on the hair roots in case my hair was already relaxed?

A: Yes, the treatment can be applied to previously relaxed hair regardless of technique used.

Q: Is the treatment applicable to highlighted hair?

A: Yes, highlighted hair can be treated, but a keratin product has to be applied on hair prior to a conditioner.

Q: Is this true that keratin treatment is allowed for chemically treated hair?

A: Yes, if you underwent some type of chemical treatment, you still can get your keratin procedure with no restrictions.

Q: Are keratin products equivalent to relaxers?

A: No, they contain keratin, collagen and botanical extracts, which are penetrated into your hair and then sealed, and thus they work differently.


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