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#AskStella: 5 Things that really Great Estheticians Do

Finding a good doctor, nail tech, mechanic, trainer, etc. is like finding a great pair of jeans; almost impossible, but once you have them you want to hold on to them for dear life. Finding a great esthetician is just the same. It’s no cake walk to find someone with whom to entrust your face. Your skin has the greatest impact on your first impression to others, your business meetings, first dates and even your relationships. It plays a huge role in your self confidence too, so if you are ready to commit to good skin care, here are 5 things to look for in a great esthetician:

1) Communicate – Your esthetician must have good communication skills. This is a crucial part of building a relationship and one that cannot be compromised. You need to feel comfortable around her and you need to establish trust.

2) Listen – When you are discussing your skin care concerns, you want your esty to actively listen to you. This is a must. She needs to be able to consider your concerns and devise a plan in order to help you achieve your skin care goals.

3) Practice Professionalism – This one can be tough. You want someone who makes you feel relaxed but its professional as well. This will require boundaries for you both and if you get too close she might lose focus on your needs.

4) Show Passion – It is imperative that your esthetician is passionate about what she does. Is she just dialing it in or is she truly excited to help you with your skin?

5) Educate – Part of your appointment should always involve education. You should feel more informed when you leave than when you arrive. It’s the estheticians job to share her knowledge with you so that you can make the best choices for your skin. Education also involves recommendations for home care products. It’s in your best interest for her to make suggestions. She’s not just trying to sell; she’s trying to help you.

As the client, you have a large role in the of process of looking for a great esthetician too. You need to be as honest as possible and this isn’t always easy. Admitting that you have poor skin care habits is tough. Admitting your bad habits, or bad product use can be embarrassing, but if you aren’t honest, she can’t really help you. So rip off the band aid and tell all. If she’s got all the qualities above, she’s not going to judge, she’ll find a way to help.


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