RefectoCil Eyelash Launches At Stella

June 19, 2018

RefectoCil Eyelash Curl with collagen and cysteine gives your lashes a wonderful curl, letting the eyes appear larger and more expressive.  At the same time the eyelashes are nourished.  Unlike mechanical lash curlers Refectocil Eyelash Curl gently forms the eyelashes with the curl lasting up to 6 weeks.  Collagen is one of the commonly occurring structural proteins in the human body.  Together with the amino acid cysteine, proved to contribute to hair development, these active ingredients nourish and protect the eyelashes during treatment, allowing them to appear groomed and fuller.


The application is simple, safe and takes about 45 minutes.  With the choice of 4 different roller sizes you can achieve the perfect eyelash curvature for each customer - independent of eyelash length or eyelash form.  Refectocil Eyelash Curl provides a service in your salon that your clients will be enthusiastic about. ​​



1. Eyelash Curl

2. Eyelash Tint

3. Eyelash Care

First you create the eyelash curl with Refectocil Eyelash Curl. Then you tint the eyelashes with Refectocil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint. 

Note: After using the Refectocil Eyelash Curl the application time of the Refectocil Eyelash Tint is reduced to only 2 minutes.

To complete apply Refectocil Styling Gel for optimum care of curled and tinted lashes.  Used daily it intensively strengthens and nourishes lashes giving them a wonderful shine.​

It is recommended to tint the eyelashes with Refectocil Eyebrow and Eyelash tint. Applied directly after the eyelash perm a reduced application time of just 2 minutes applies (for thick/strong lashes 5 -10 minutes).  Providing amazing, looking lashes.

To complete this service apply Refectocil Styling Gel. To groom, nourish and leave beautiful, shiny healthy lashes.
The final result for your client: the most beautiful eyelashes. With curvature, intensified colour and a beautiful shine, lasting up to 6 weeks.

ATTENTION: For professional use only.  Follow instructions.  


RefectoCil available at Stella Beauty Salon, Dubai Silicon Oasis Branch

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